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Easy, Integrated & Customizable

Be hyper-focused on what to do next. You get a scheduled snapshot & task donuts showing work volume along with critical
items prioritizing what elements are most critical. It's like an automated workflow analyst integrating all
the moving parts of your business.

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User-friendly and customizable EHR with integrated PM for optimized quality, performance and patient experience.

Practice Management

Practice Management

Increase productivity with enterprise scheduling, entitlements, smart billing, reporting and more.

Medical Billing Service

Medical Billing Services

An effective, simpler, and cheaper way to increase your cash flow and get paid faster.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Register securely to request a rebooking. It also displays charts, statements, messages, and reminders.

Insurance Billing

Insurance Billing

In order to achieve higher payment collection, reduced rejection rates, and higher clean claims rates, PureEHR is here to be your strategic partner.



Virtual Video Visits are easy fast & secure using telehealth. Conducting virtual visits through your PureEHR enhances patient care and saves time and money.

Revenue Reports

Revenue Reports

With our billing and insurance reports for payment authorization, collection, refunds, and advance insurance, you can monitor, plan, and manage your revenues.

Prescription Writing

Prescription Writing

To manage medication and e-prescribing, PureEHR software works flawlessly with our EHR, practice management system, and Rcopia E-prescribing

EHR for Your Specialty that Can Be Customized With Our Practice Specialty Modules

Practice Specialty Modules

Subscription management

Do you provide contracts-related products, services, or plans? The best place to manage your contractual products and services is PureEHR.

To provide your customers with the finest service, handle your service contracts with digital aggregation and automated monthly payments.

Corporates management

Corporate management: Manage your connections with corporate clients, collaborations with other companies, and your corporate patients. Plan business meetings, and events, keep track of corporate leads, and more.

CRM & CRM Messenger

Manage your marketing with PureCRM's opportunities, automation, live customer chat, promotional emails, SMS, call recordings, and bookings for campaigns.

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You may book and carry out virtual visits right from your EHR thanks to telehealth, which offers quick, simple, and extremely secure virtual video sessions. Without the need for additional software, downloads, or time-consuming setups, you can schedule online appointments and send automatic emails to your patients with our telehealth setup. Using your EHR to conduct virtual visits improves patient care and saves time and money.

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Patient Portal

Unified workflow.
Cutting-edge security.


Tools with specific functions for scheduling, charting, billing, and patient relationship management.


Workflow components communicate important information to staff members throughout the continuum of care in an efficient manner.


Automation of procedures and dashboards lowers personnel costs and increases data accuracy.

Unified workflow

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