ONC Certification

This Health IT Module has been certified by an ONC-ACB in compliance with the relevant certification standards established by the Drummond certification, and it complies with the 2015 Edition. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services does not endorse this certification.

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ONC Certification

The Drummond G10 FHIR API+ and Payer and Patient Access certification programs, powered by the AEGIS Touchstone platform, give FHIR implementers comprehensive development, testing, and certification tools to meet ONC and CMS FHIR requirements and recommendations.

Access certification programs
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Pure EHR v 1.0.0 was certified by Drummond Portal with its EHR Vendor Certification ID successfully.

Clinical Quality Measures

  • CMS68v11
  • CMS69v10
  • CMS122v10
  • CMS138v10
  • CMS156v10
  • CMS165v10

Certification Criteria

  • Demographics § 170.315(a)(5)
  • Implantable device list § 170.315(a)(14)
  • Clinical decision support § 170.315(a)(9)
  • Computerized provider order entry § 170.315(a)(1), (2) or (3)
  • Application access - patient selection § 170.315(g)(7)
  • Clinical quality measures - record and export § 170.315(c)(1)
  • Transitions of care § 170.315(b)(1) (Cures Update)
  • Standardized API for patient and population services § 170.315(g)(10)
  • Application access - all data request § 170.315(g)(9) (Cures Update)
  • Direct Project § 170.315(h)(1)