The ePrescribing technology you've been looking for is HIPAA compliant and easy to use.

The safest way to track and digitally prescribe restricted medicines. Create a prescription, get it signed, and send it directly to your pharmacy.

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e-Prescribing Benefits

Because quality care is the focus of your practice.

The benefits of ePrescribing are not just time savings, but also security. Accessing patient data throughout treatment can identify potential drug interactions, assess the effectiveness of previous prescriptions, and ensure patients are not allergic to the medications they are taking. ePrescribing helps you receive better care.

In the current situation, electronic prescriptions are essential to meeting legal obligations and providing high-quality, convenient patient care. That is why our cloud-based EHR system is certified by Dr.First, a pioneer in electronic prescribing and representing a range of innovative features.

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Get your patients the medication they need faster and easier.

  • All pharmacies in the country that support electronic prescriptions are required to receive prescription orders.
  • Send electronic prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy to help patients get their medicine faster.
  • Use automatic medication reconciliations to combine related medication from a patient's pharmacy.

Easily manage your prescription orders anytime, anywhere.

  • Electronic prescription records that track pharmacy prescription fulfillment may be used to confirm orders.
  • Complete your e-prescription refill request with a simple two-click approach. Integrated prescription data sent directly from the
  • EHR helps prevent prescription fraud.

Medication history

Get the big picture before prescribing. Medication histories can be imported and evaluated for access to patient prescriptions in the chain of care.

Allergy & Medication list

Go through a detailed list of allergies and prescriptions for each patient. You can also see information about drugs that have already been submitted and discontinued.

Preferred pharmacy settings

Pre-configured prescription and pharmacy settings let you save your patient's preferred pharmacy and provider's preferred prescriptions.

ePrescribing technology

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